The Bread Garden

Brenner Brothers

Jasmine Bakery

We have been providing the greater Puget Sound Region with our high-quality premium breads since 1984. Our nutritious grain-based products supply our consumers with hearty breads to fuel their active, healthy lifestyles. We only use the best ingredients, and highest standards to produce our superior, delicious loaves. Delivered fresh to our customers insures a premium high quality product every time! Our bakery offers a wide selection of breads that include whole grains, wheat, sourdough, ryes, french, pita, challah, spelt and low-carb varieties.

All of our products meet strict kosher standards.

Look for us in your favorite grocery store, nutrition center, or local co-op!

The Bread Garden
1001 S. 344th. Ste. #2
Federal Way, WA 98003

phone: 253-838-6683
fax: 253-838-1705